Nanjing Medical University

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Nearest Airport

Nanjing Lukou International Airport

City & Province

Jiangsu province, China

Tuition Fees

3,40,000 INR/Year


80% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks




Nanjing Medical University (NMU) founded in 1934 is one of the key universities in Jiangsu Province. It is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Jiangsu Provincial Government. The university has two campuses with a land area of 87 hectares. The university has passed the accreditation of clinical medicine by the Ministry of Education and has obtained the longest certification cycle of 8 years. NMU has been among top 500 in the “academic ranking of world universities” for the past five years


NMU Motto:


Pursue excellence with erudition, and reach perfection with morality.

Mission: NMU expects its teachers and students to function with erudition and morality, so that they not only make achievements in the field of academics but also seek the beauty of morality. That is, students will be good both in character and at studies, and teachers will have an excellent reputation and outstanding skills. Excellence and perfection are the targets of erudition and morality, which encourage both teachers and students to set high demands on themselves and relentlessly pursue excellence.

Vision: To become a medical university of international prestige with distinctive features.

Value: Integrity, Dedication, and Innovation.



6 Post-doctoral research stations, 48 doctor’s programs, 73 master’s programs, 17 undergraduate programs, 3 state-level key disciplines, 1 key discipline for state-level cultivation, 3 key Jiangsu first-level disciplines



 Total staff amount to 1,570, Faculty members amount to 689, more than 50% with PhD degree, 166 professors, 188 associate professors, 204 doctoral supervisors, 1137 master supervisors (including the affiliated hospitals),  1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 National Distinguished Teacher, 1 “Chang Jiang Scholar” Distinguished Visiting Professor, 2 recruited global experts of National “Thousand Talent Program”



1 State-level Key Laboratory, 4 Ministry-level Key Laboratories, 13 Provincial Key Laboratories, 183 million RMB (29.4 million USD) of total research fund for the year of 2012, 752 articles with intellectual property rights published in journals indexed by Journal Citation Reports.


Global Links
Nearly 30 overseas universities in partnership, Over 500 foreign students study degree programs or short study on the campus each year, Nearly 100 foreign scholars pay a visit to the University each year,  Over 150 well-known scholars in the world were conferred honorary degree or title, Over 100 staff members are sent to study or work in overseas each year




  • Nanjing Medical University Library was established in 1934.
  • The library has approximately a gross area of 25,000 m2 and more than 2000 reading seats distributed in Wutai and Jiangning campus.
  • Under the service mode: integration of retrieval、read、borrow and preservation, the library is open for 93 hours per week and 24 hours per day 7 days per week of online resources.
  • Besides borrowing, the library also provides following services: document delivery, novelty search, citation search, special topic retrieval and retrieval course & training.
  • Nanjing Medical University Library’s collection is emphasized on preclinical medical, clinical medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, biology, and pharmacy, taking maths, physics, chemistry, computer, management, social science and literature as supplement.
  • It currently has 910,000 printed resources, 52 databases, 720,000 e-books and 38,000 full text e-journals.
  • With the service philosophy “reader-oriented” and direction for digital library construction, the library is playing a unique role in scientific research, culture communication and social service of Nanjing Medical University.

Funding criteria


This full scholarship funding program allows tuition fee waiver, textbooks subsidy, accommodation fee waiver (university accommodation) and comprehensive medical insurance. Under the Partial Scholarship Scheme, the fee can be waived off is CNY 30,000 per academic year. This supports undergraduate/postgraduate students and the duration of scholarship is one academic year. All graduate level majors accept this scholarship application except the College of Foreign Languages.  


Features of Nanjing Medical University

NMU has a strong faculty team of 1501 registered faculty members, including 159 full professors, 344 associate professors, 132 supervisors of doctoral programs and 386 supervisors of master’s programs. Among them are 15 National-Level Experts with Special Allowance sponsored by the State Council, one winner of ‘National May 1st Labor Medal’, 3 national excellent teachers, 4 national excellent backbone teachers, 1 expert with Extraordinary Contribution from the Ministry of Health. NMU has 1 key laboratory at ministry level, 2 key laboratories co-established by the ministry and the provincial government, 7 provincial key laboratories and research centers.


Sports Facilities


The on-campus sports facilities include the following:

The comprehensive gymnasium of Jiangning campus (indoor sports facilities provided: badminton, table tennis, basketball, and gymnastic apparatus).Outdoor sports facilities provided: the plastic tennis court, football court, volleyball court and basketball court. International students may use the above mentioned indoor sports facilities with Student ID cards and pay relevant fees while the outdoor services are free.





Currently being home for more than 500 students, Jiangning campus foreign students’ dormitory is looking forward to welcoming and comforting the best years ahead in your life. Excellent security, 24/7 front desk service, free electricity, free water supply, free central air conditioning, daily cleaning service, elevators, Laundry and kitchen facilities are the key factors that make every student love our dorm. Although the rules have stated only 1st year students of MBBS course are compulsory to be residing in the dorm, more than 95% of students continue staying in the dorm until they graduate proving a higher level of satisfaction with respect to the facilities we provide for an affordable yearly charge.


Rooms and main facilities

Currently single rooms are not allowed for MBBS students. Furnished double rooms are charged 6000RMB per person for an year. Furniture include a refrigerator, a washbasin, a mirror plus two sets of following furniture- (single bed, table, little bench, wardrobe, single cupboard, cupboard with bookshelf)Wifi and cable line internet facilities are also provided with an additional monthly charge. Each floor contains a common kitchen and a complex of wash-rooms and toilets. Each kitchen is equipped with two microwave ovens and two induction cookers. Also there is a boiler for drinking hot water.Other than these main facilities, two laundry areas, an activity room ( for parties and functions), and a small grocery is also situated in the ground floor of the buildings. The international student affairs office is also located in the ground floor for the convenience of students.




When talking about security, the girls’ dormitory building and boys’ dormitory building are two separate buildings with separate access control systems, a 24/7 surveillance camera system is fixed and records all entries, kitchens and common corridors. Dormitory management front desk and university security department monitor suspicious behaviours and stop unauthorized entries. Undergraduate students who reside in the dorm are not allowed to go outside the dorm premises after 11.00p.m and late arrivals after 11.00 p.m. are also recorded. All entry doors are controlled by an electronic access control system connected with the campus card.


Health Care

Nanjing Medical University has a school hospital on campus, divided into Wutai campus and Jiangning campus branches, providing medical treatment services to the faculty, staff and students. The operating hours of Consultation are: Monday-Friday, 8:00 to 12:00, 13:30-16:30; Saturday, 8:00-12:00. Emergency consultation serves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are not feeling well, you can go to one of the hospitals for advice and treatment. If you need to seek more professional treatment, you'd better go to large hospitals off campus. The nearest one near the Wutai campus is Jiangsu Province Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. Besides, there is a Sir Run Run Hospital next to the Jiangning campus, which is also the Third Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. All the international students are requested to be covered with a medical insurance for study in Nanjing Medical University, so as to pay for the expenses of possible accidental injury and medical treatments in hospitalization.



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Nanjing Medical University


Scholarship at Nanjing Medical University

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

In order to promote and develop higher education quality for international students in the Jiangsu province, the provincial government of Jiangsu has set up the Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship for international students. Jiangsu is on the list of preferred study locations among the students. Nanjing Medical University, one of the top most universities of the province is designated by the Jiangsu Provincial government to recruit meritorious international students and scholars for full time study, who will be supported by the government to study under this scholarship program.


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