Fudan University

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

City & Province

Shanghai, China

Tuition Fees

7,50,000 INR/Year


70% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


  • Fudan University was established in Shanghai in 1905, first known as “Fudan Public School”.
  • Mr. Ma Xiangbo, the founder, was a renowned educator at the time, who was hoping to strengthen China through education.
  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the founding father of China, acted as the director of the board of trustees.
  • Since its establishment, Fudan has been regarded as a symbol of China seeking enlightenment from the Western world.
  • In the 115 years since its establishment, Fudan has been distinguished as the leading globally-focused, research driven university in China.
  • This recognition is reflected by the fact that Fudan has consistently been ranked among the top 3 universities in China and 34th worldwide according to the 2021 QS World University Rankings.
  • Nowadays, Fudan continues its pursuit of excellence and commits to powerful research and education.
  • Fudan University is home to 13,991 undergraduates and associate degree candidates, 22,232 graduates, 2,946 international students and 3,139 full-time teaching faculty and researchers.
  • Fudan hosts 51 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and members of Chinese Academy of Engineering.


Fudan Vision


Fudan upholds the spirit of patriotism, solidarity, service, and sacrifice. Its motto is scientia et studium, quaestio et cogitation, which means rich in knowledge and tenacious of purposes, inquiring with earnestness and reflecting with self-practice. With a time-honoured tradition of academic independence and free exploration the University is distinguished by its academic character, “reflection of righteousness, illustration of virtue and indifference to honour and reward”.



13623 undergraduates, 22610 graduate students, 3672 international students, 3110 teaching faculty, 17 affiliated hospitals, 5,598,600 volumes held, 2,439,100 m3 campus area.


Faculty & Staff


Fudan University believes in personal development and opportunities of all its faculty and staff, which will in return push for the development of the university. 

Teaching & Research

  1. Center for Faculty Development   
  2. Center for General Education   
  3. Science, Engineering & Medicine  
  4. Humanities & Social Sciences

Fudan provides a challenging academic environment for the better development of its students, where they can experience and contribute to the rich campus culture. You can learn more about the different aspects of student life at Fudan by clicking on the links below.


Fudan University continues to support its students after they graduate. Annual homecoming days are held to welcome all alumni back to celebrate the development of the university. As alumni, you can purchase special souvenirs from the shop of Fudan Alumni Association. Fudan sets up optimal ways of donations that you can leave your unique traces in various venues of the four campuses.


Welcome to the official website of Fudan University. Each year, Fudan hosts numerous visitors who are interested in the many educational, scholarly, cultural, recreational and athletic activities that enrich this university and its community.
Cultural Visits


Off campus life is also a very important part of students’ experience in Shanghai. Fudan International Summer Session will organize various activities for the students.


Campus Cultural Activities

FISS 2021 will be conducted online and therefore the students will have the opportunity to attend various cultural activities online. Experiencing something and hearing about something are totally different things. Every year the Summer Session also provides abundant cultural activities that enable students to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and traditions. Calligraphy, martial arts, folk dance, etc. are available for students to sign up and participate in.


Shanghai Life Highlights

Fudan University will make the final decision about the teaching mode of FISS 2021 in early March.


Art & Culture A city is alive when it is full of culture and hai pai (mainly referring to Shanghai) culture is at the root of Shanghai's energy and charm. Those who have seen Wong Karwai's In the Mood for Love would certainly have been impressed by the heroine's elegant qi pao, or cheong-sam. Shanghai isa source of trends in China.


Nightlife Dancing the night away in the epic nightclub scene? Enjoying a cup of cocktail when enjoying the splendid bund view? As a common understanding, Shanghai has the most colorful night life in China, but if you have ever participated, you may feel it is probably the most colorful one in the world.


Eating out Perhaps the most potent symbol of Shanghai’s diversity is its sophisticated selection of dining choices. Shanghai cuisine, collecting the traditional of old Shanghai and the fad of new Shanghai, offers all kinds of snacks. There are various categories including steamed, boiled, fried, baked, etc. Competitively priced restaurants of all types line the streets of the centers and yet there are other numerous lavish Michelin Restaurants that suit your taste. Shanghai is the best place to find excellent eateries of all kinds. Enjoy!


Shopping No matter what your budget is, you will have plenty of reasons to shop here in Shanghai.



Eat at Fudan

There are different types of food available on and off campus. There are 4 dining halls in Fudan that provide both Chinese and western foods. If you are a fan of Chinese food, you will find it a paradise because the food is tasty and cheap.


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Admission Process

Eligibility and Application Process

Application Deadline: June 15, 2021 


  1. College students above 18 years of age with sufficient English proficiency. 
  2. The general state of the applicant's health should be good enough for him/her to pursue the course of study at Fudan.

Application Materials

  • One copy of passport (personal information page).
  • Enrollment certificate or documents proving student status at current university.
  • Certificates or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated and notarized.
  • Transcripts of academic records. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated and notarized. 
  • One copy of TOEFL iBT (a score of 85 or above)/IELTS (a score of 6.5 or above), or other materials proving a corresponding level of English.
  • Native English-speakers or college students taking an English-taught program are exempted from this requirement.
  • If necessary, the university will require applicants to submit extra materials.

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Scholarship at Fudan University

Fudan University offers different scholarship to international students such as Chinese Government, Confucius Institute Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship


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