Grodno State Medical University

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Vilnius Airport

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Grodno, Belarus

Tuition Fees

4,300 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


The Grodno State Medical Institute was established in 1958, Over the last 50 years the University has graduated over 16,000 physicians and graduate nurses. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus increased enrollment in the University over recent years. The University has 5 faculties, and offers five undergraduate majors, 33 majors for clinical residents, 20 majors for Ph. D students. In November 1999 to January 2000, the institute was successfully accredited as a university. 


Training of the specialist in demand with high academic, professional, social and individual competences in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics. Development of the fundamental and applied science in the field of population health promotion, development of new technologies and their implementation in experimental, prophylactic and clinical medicine.


Gaining the status of the leading educational center in the health care system of Grodno region. Republic of Belarus and other world countries by means of training of highly qualified specialists in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics and by means of development of the fundamental and applied science in medical and social spheres.


Faculty of General Medicine Faculty of Medical Diagnostics Faculty of Medical Health Medicine Faculty of Mental Health Medicine Faculty of Paediatrics  Medical Faculty for International Students


Grodno State Medical University has one of the biggest medical libraries in the country. It includes over 42000 copies of textbooks as well as various supplementary materials, CDs, medical journals, periodicals.  The library is connected to the internet and offers on-line access to the biomedical database, digital catalogues, and also uses up-to-date informational technologies that allow diversifying render services. There is a comfortable library hall with 20 PCs connected to the internet for library users.

Student Hostel and Canteen

  • There are 4 student hostels next to the main building of the University.
  • They can accommodate 1840 students. Two of the buildings are of the flat type with attached restrooms and a kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated.
  • Student’s hostels are fully furnished. Normally two or three students share one room. There are separate arrangements for both boys and girls.
  • At the dining room foreign students are able to prepare their national food. Foreign TV channels are available as well.
  • The maintenance personnel keep the student hostels clean on a daily basis and make all the students living in the hostel strictly following the rules and regulations.
  • There is a comfortable canteen at the University with a rich variety of different dishes.


The University pays such attention to student’s sports activities. It is organized at the department of physical training and sport. The sport club “Medic” coordinates all the sport activities of the University. The University has good sports facilities: two large gyms, wrestling training room, running track. The main sports activities are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football, athletics, draughts, chess, swimming, eurhythmics, judo, badminton, table tennis, arm wrestling, powerlifting, kettlebell lifting, and bodybuilding. Sports teams of the University participate in different regional and republic sport competitions and obtain remarkable results. 


  1. Student club is a student center for arts and leisure activities.
  2. Today more than 600 talented boys and girls are members of different amateur clubs.
  3. Among them there is a folk singing studio “Zaranitsa”, a folk-dance theatre “Alma”, a pop singing studio “Ovation”, a theatre of fashion “Perfection”, KVN festivals, and others.
  4. Clubs of amateur performances are frequent winners and laureates of numerous regional and national contents and festival of student arts.
  5. The University has several public organizations such as Belarusian Republic Youth Union, Belarusian Medical Trade Union Student’s Self-government, sorority house, political club, literacy cenacle “Catharsis”.
  6. The University gives the opportunity to get a room in university hostels, there is a separate flat-type hostel for foreign students near the main building of Grodno State Medical University.
  7. Student’s canteen offers a rich variety of dishes and has a deserving reputation among other canteens of the city.
  8. The University canteen was awarded the title of “The best trade object of the social catering”.

Clinical Work

The teaching staff of the clinical department at the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” is engaged along with instruction and research in diagnostic and treatment work. At present 25 clinical departments of the University are located in different medical and prophylactic institutions of the city of Grodno, which are training medical “bases” of the University departments. The mutual relations between clinical department and municipal medical and prophylactic institutions are determined in association agreements concluded between the Grodno State Medical University and the Directorate of Public Health of the Grodno Province Executive Committee, as well as some medical and prophylactic institutions. The management and supervision of diagnostic and treatment work at the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” is exercised by Ass. Prof U.Zverko Vice-Rector for Clinical Work.

Grodno City 

Grodno is the town of castles, churches and king palaces. In the 16th century Grodno was mentioned in Brown’s Cologne encyclopaedia as “one of the most beautiful cities of Europe ''. History assigned Grodno a very interesting part in deciding the fates of several big European states. Here in the 13th century foundations of the Great Duchy of Lithuania were laid, here at the end of 18th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ceased to exist. Grodno was founded in the 12th century. Being one of the most ancient cities of Belarus, Grodno over its history served as a king’s residence. The capital of the principality, the cultural and industrial center of the state. Grodno has preserved more historical monuments and sights than any other city in Belarus.

Why Should one study at Grodno State Medical University

  • Grodno State Medical University is one of the leading medical Universities in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Diplomas of our University are recognized by the WHO. Educational commission for foreign medical graduates, by the medical council of India, Lithuania, the USA.
  • The graduates of university successfully confirm their diplomas in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Poland, Syria the USA and many other countries.
  • International students have been studying at the University since 1995, and since 2003
  • University has been providing training in English during the course, at present 531 international students from 30 countries of the world study at the University.
  • The University works in collaboration with educational and research center of Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries.
  • Students have opportunities to do practical training abroad.
  • Grodno is an ideal place for living and studying. The atmosphere of cosiness and friendliness gives you a sense of safety and comfort.



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Admission Process

Documents Required 

  • Application form for admission. General Certificate of Secondary Education including the list of the subjects studied and the marks obtained.
  • Health State certificate and certificate indicating the absence of HIV infections, issued by the state public health authorities of the applicant’s country.
  • Medical certificate issued by the local public health authorities of the republic of Belarus.
  • The copy of birth certificate, notarized in accordance with the established procedure.
  • The documents which prove the applicant's identity are shown personally by the applicant.

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Grodno State Medical University


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