Uzhhorod National Medical University

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport

Kosice International Airport

City & Province

Uzhhorod Oblast, Ukraine

Tuition Fees

3,800 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


  • Uzhhorod National Medical University foundation official date is October 18, 1945. It belongs to the classical Universities of Ukraine and has the highest IV level of accreditation.
  • University is one of the largest and best Universities in the Carpathian regions, it is located on the slopes of the Carpathians, in the beautiful student city of Uzhhorod, the westernmost regional center of Ukraine.
  • The University is young, but in a short period of time has shown itself in the scientific world, has become a landmark, a matter for many generations of students who now work successfully in Ukraine and worldwide.
  • Uzhhorod has formed powerful scientific schools, known far beyond our country, for scientific cooperation with many leading Universities in the world.
  • The Medical faculty is the largest faculty in the structure of the University.
  • More than 40 doctors of medical science and more than a hundred candidates of sciences are the personnel potential of the medical faculty.
  • Health is the most valuable gift. Overcoming illness, preserving or regaining lost health is the main task of a highly qualified team of doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Student Council

Student council of Uzhhorod National University- A team of enterprising, creative and dedicated students from all faculties who work with a common goal: “For the benefit of the University and Students!”. University students are actively involved in the management of the University through student government, and have a common goal- to improve the quality of knowledge, education of spirituality, culture, growth of student’s social activity and responsibility for decision.

Student’s youth learn to independently maintain public order, organize extracurricular life (leisure, sports, recreation, travel). Representatives of student’s government – direct their work and free time to protect the rights and interests of students, to address proposals, applications and petition on behalf of students to the University administration, to help solve any problem and difficulties, to support, encourage and ignite the hearts of those who strives for creative self-expression, self-improvement and creating a bright world around!


Advantages of Studying at Uzhhorod National Medical University

  1. Among the best medical universities in Ukraine, Uzhhorod National Medical University has the 3rd rank
  2. The university provides high standard medical education to the students in Ukraine and it also trains specialists through certain education or qualification levels including graduate medical study, junior specialists and specialists.
  3. This is one of the leading universities in Ukraine. Uzhhorod National Medical University has co-operation with over 90 universities from different countries and it is a member of several esteemed organizations. 
  4. The university has 4th level of accreditation and its curriculum and courses are in accordance with the European standards of Education.
  5. The university has the best amenities and facilities for students. 
  6. Due to the agreements between the Uzhhorod National University and other universities from other countries, students can study and complete Double degrees
  7. The university has excellent library available for students. The courses are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages of instructions.
  8. There is no entrance exam for admission into the Uzhhorod National Medical University and there is no donation required.
  9. University’s geographic position is very favourable. The university has a very large academic library.

About Uzhhorod City

Uzhhorod city is located on the Uzoh river about 800 km west of Kyiv, on the border with Slovakia. The city is the smallest regional center of the country but it has a rich and long history, it is located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. The population of the city is about 113000 within the area of 65 Today, the city is a developed cultural and industrial center, with museums, Universities, medieval churches, and cathedrals. The old castle located in the historical part of the city is the main attraction of the city. Uzhhorod city is surrounded on all sides by forests, a significant part of the city is located on the right bank part and the bank of the Uzoh river is connected by 7 bridges, 6 pedestrian-transport and 1 railway. Uzhhorod climate is moderate continental. The average temperature in the city is 5 degrees in January and 18 degrees in June. The average rainfall per year total 162 days and up to 556 millilitres per year.


Sports and leisure


The sports and recreation complex of Uzhhorod National University includes more than 20 facilities, including a swimming pool, indoor gyms, and sports grounds on the street.  The sports facilities of the University are designed primarily for training students and staff of the University, and in free time on sport facilities- in the pool, playgrounds, gym and football field, everyone can enjoy it. The advantage of the sport and recreation complex is that it is not a commercial structure, the prices for visits are lower than other analogues in Uzhhorod. Many sports events at the University and the city of Uzhhorod take place in the sport halls of the University.  In particular, there are competitions in volleyball, basketball, and other sports. There is an opportunity to hold classes in various sports in specialized clubs.  Athletics training and football competition take place on the football field, which is located next to the central building of the University sports complex. Also sport complexes include smaller sport facilities, which are located on the basis of the college dormitories, the sport infrastructure of University allows students to effectively and efficiently engage in their favourite sports, maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle.



  • Uzhhorod National Medical University is well designed and has advantageous infrastructure which helps students in enriching their experience at the college. Staying at in-house accommodation available inside the campus provides them with the ease to balance their college life, some of the key feature of hostel facilities are as follows: 
  • University has a very high-quality hostel system with completely furnished rooms.
  • An excellent study environment and surrounded by an amusement center.
  • The University has 5 hostels spread over in the area of 28431 sq. which is able to accommodate 2500 students including international students, student's families, graduate students, interns.
  • Internet facility is provided into each & every room of hostels. (Wi-Fi & Broadband). All hostel rooms vary in size and number of conveniences.
  • Dormitory rooms at the hostel are well furnished and can easily accommodate 2 or 3 students to a room.
  • All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, desks, chairs, cupboards, heating, water systems and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation.
  • Every section has one common kitchen & washroom too.
  • Campus also cooperates with the deans and university institutes, which helps in keeping a close eye on the behaviour of students.
  • Campus has student clinics, student shops and cafes, playgrounds.
  • When the students arrive on campus, specific accommodations for every student are assigned and after a satisfactory health report the student will be accommodated to the room which is allotted to them.


Student Life at Uzhhorod National Medical University

The University has made available many facilities for international students. Studying and teaching abroad for several students and teachers can be enabled by the inter-institutional agreements signed by the university. For the benefit of students, the University has 6 laboratory buildings, 20 academic buildings, and 6 student dormitories with a total area of 138.8 thousand square meters. The University educates over 13,000 students and provides education in 55 Bachelor and 40 Master majors and in 8 majors of a Junior Specialist qualification. The University provides an excellent study environment for students. It also has campus facilities like student shops, cafes, 2 clinics, enlarged playgrounds, etc. The university has formed powerful scientific schools of the world and it collaborates with many top universities abroad.  Students who complete their degrees from this university can work successfully both in Ukraine and in other parts of the world. In student’s dormitories, there are reading rooms, libraries, with free wi-fi internet. Modern sports facilities are also available for the students.


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Admission Process

Documents Required: For MBBS Course

  1. Completed Application Form. 
  2. 6 colour photos (size 6×4 cm); 
  3. Birth Certificate’s copy. 
  4. Original Education Certificate and a copy of Education Certificate. 
  5. Original copy and a copy of the document which contains the information about its performance in academic subjects. 
  6. Medical Health Certificate showing Mental and Physical Fitness (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 
  7. Copy of International Passport or any other ID Card (passport should be minimum valid for 2 years). 
  8. Valid Medical Insurance Policy.


Eligibility Criteria: For MBBS Course at Uzhhorod National University

To study MBBS at Uzhhorod National University, the following is the eligibility criteria: The candidates must have cleared NEET exam. The candidate must have completed 17 years of age on or before 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken. All the candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology at their 10+2 level for 2 years continuously with English as the medium of study. The candidate must have individually passed in subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English and must have obtained minimum passing grades at the qualifying examination in the same subjects.


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Uzhhorod National Medical University


Scholarship at Uzhhorod National Medical University

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