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Odessa, Ukraine

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4,500 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


Odessa National Medical University is one of the Oldest Independent Medical Universities and is one of the Oldest Independent Medical Universities of USSR and Europe. High standard of life of Odessa residents was the main reason for opening a medical faculty in Odessa. On the 1st of September 1900, the medical faculty in Odessa was opened, the medical faculty of Odessa played a significant role in medicine of Ukraine, a lot of research work was done by this faculty.

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The great advantage of education in Odessa National Medical University is an opportunity to go through the practical classes in the various and well-equipped hospitals of Odessa city. During the studying at Odessa National Medical University, students get enough knowledge to get a good job in the future. Here you can attend practical training to be a qualified doctor after graduation. The students of Odessa National Medical University become excellent doctors. As soon as the student enters the Odessa National Medical University with each training course, he has the opportunity to study at any clinics under the control of experienced professors. The clinic for the future training students of ONMU choose by themselves, depending on his future specialization. After graduating from Odessa National Medical University, the institute provides a place of work for internships. After that you have guaranteed employment with a good salary.



  • The Medical course at the Odessa National Medical University (ONMU) takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MBBS. 
  • In the undergraduate program, during six years of study the students learn different subjects from fundamental subject’s disciplines to special medical subjects. 
  • This is an exciting time in medicine as the University is looking forward to developing new avenues in health care excellence.
  • The practice of medicine remains one of the most requested of all professions and the Odessa National Medical University (ONMU) is a perfect place to acquire medical knowledge and gain the degree.
  • Students are enrolling in Odessa National Medical University (ONMU) for the right reasons – they want to provide care for people and they feel that as physicians they can make a difference in their communities.
  • The Odessa National Medical University (ONMU) is known nationally for its many innovative teaching, clinical training and research programs. 
  • University award-winning faculty members constantly strive for innovation and excellence in the classroom, the laboratory and the clinic. 
  • Admission to the medical faculty takes place after signing a contract. The second-year students attend their clinical studies where they can gain experience in nursing the patients. 
  • Clinical subjects are taught beginning from the third year of study. Students can study any topic of interest and to raise their knowledge in the departments.
  • All six years of the program are important and all must be passed successfully before students are permitted to graduate. 
  • The Ministry of education and Ministry of Public health Ukraine approved the curriculum of the medical faculty of Odessa National Medical University (ONMU). 
  • Most of the countries accept the Odessa National Medical University’s (ONMU) diploma.
  • The successful students will complete study of five years, then on graduation work for another year under probation in order to gain general registration. 
  • There is a wide range of specializations available in the public and private sectors, involving research, academic medicine, public health, clinical medicine and other areas.
  • Specialties include Cardiology, Oncology, paediatrics, Psychological Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, Public Health, General Practice and many others.
  • Most doctors complete postgraduate training in their chosen specialty.



The library at ONMU is one of the oldest in the country and has the book fund of a million copies. It is an informative center, which can provide students with necessary information in the accessible form. It’s necessary to note, that you can find many old books at Odessa National Medical University. Books about ancient medicine can find it here. ONMU library has a comfortable, spacious reading room, a computer room, which can give places to 130 students at a time. Thanks to wireless networks all 130 places of the reading room are informatively active. ONMU’s electronic library is proud of databases of Odessa National Medical University departments’ materials to help students in their self-trainingThere are already 65 databases. They are available for all the specialties and are created in the English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. These databases have texts of lectures, methodical elaborations, and recommendations after some sections and themes of educational disciplines, tests to the modules and preparation to state testing and other materials to help the students. If you missed the lecture, you can download any information online from your home computer. Every student has their electronic subscription with a personal code, which corresponds to the number of a student ticket, and the process of receipt and leaving books takes several minutes.



The personnel of 62 departments carry out the university’s educational, scientific and medical process. There are 840 teachers. According to the curriculum of “General Medicine”, “Paediatrics” and “Medical and Preventive Care” during the academic year all students undergo practical training in hospitals that is carried out in 2nd course as a patient care, in the 3rd course as nursing practise. Professional clinical practical training of students on 4-6 courses is carried out in accordance with the requirements of educational qualification specification during the studying of clinical and hygienic discipline and during practical training. All students who have secondary school certificates have an opportunity to get admission at Odessa National Medical University.


The ONMU complex has a total area of ​​2750 m2, so that it is available for everyone, not just for students and teachers. The complex has an administrative building with an area of ​​101 m2, two dressing rooms of 28.6 m2 with showers and washrooms, offices for teachers, and inventory room. The total area of ​​the ONMU sports complex is 2750 m2, the length is 110 m, width 25 m, with stands for spectators for 1000 seats. The ONMU complex includes standard grounds for playing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, a ground tennis court and outdoor sports equipment. All sports grounds are equipped with modern lighting and an acoustic system. Facilities offered by Sports Complex of Odessa National Medical University: Stadium (football, athletics)  Halls for sport games (basketball, volleyball)  Swimming pool  Gym  Class of chess.  There are classes in more than 30 kinds of sport and forms of physical activity. The presence of such a strong base provides an opportunity for students and employees of the ONMU’s university to show high results in various competitions and have high-class athletes in various fields.


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