Kyiv Medical University

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Kyiv International University

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Tuition Fees

6000 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


  • Kyiv Medical University is a public University, located in the Kyiv city which is the capital of Ukraine.
  • The University currently accommodates more than 1100 students aspiring to become successful doctors.  
  • Kyiv Medical University was founded in 1992, initially it was a private University for the students based in the Soviet Union Countries and has taught more than 10,000 students in medical programs to contribute to the well being of the society.   
  • KMU has been accredited by the Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine, Ghana Dental, Nigerian Dental, Pakistan Dental, European Dental, Indian Dental and Medical Councils as well as the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom.   
  • KMU has joint research centers and association relations with the various logical establishments of the previous USSR and everywhere across the world.  
  • The education system in Ukraine has been updated and completely based upon the modern and advanced standard prevailing in the European countries.  
  • There are undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs, language certificate courses, training courses, and much more.   
  • English is the primary language of instruction at University, University promotes the practise and training at the national and international level.  


In relentless pursuit of excellence, to teach, to search, to heal and to serve humanity.


To transform health care for the benefit of the people and communities by becoming a national leader in educating health care professionals.


In Excellence, innovation, commitment, integrity, respect, accountability.


The dormitory of Kyiv Medical University opened its doors for the first time in the year 2000, that is when it became a second home to the students of University who came from all parts of the country and the world.

The key features of the hostel is Laundry, Cafeteria, Reading room (with free wi-fi), Auditorium room, 2 kitchens, 2 washrooms, 6 restrooms on every floor. Rooms with sharing are available for 2, 3, 4 and even 5people for international students according to their requirement. “Suite” double rooms feature personal shower rooms and restrooms.

Safety is maintained by the security company according to the visa regime and the internal routine rules of the dormitory, student’s council is the self-governing body of the dormitory. There is a well-developed infrastructure near the dormitory such as malls, hospital, pharmacy, gym, park, pond, temples etc.

Dormitory prices for the academic year:

4 bed-room for 12 months at cost 27600

2 bed-room “Suite” for 12 months at cost 33600

2 room-apartment “Suite” 12 months at cost 40800


Festival and Events

  • During the academic year the university conducts events like cultural and sports festival tournaments between various departments and hostels.
  • University also conducts workshops and seminars for students with creative abilities, love for music, art & culture and physical fitness.
  • University celebrates all state holidays according to the calendar, and concerts and festivals are held.
  • University has everything which is necessary for holding performances, concerts, conference lectures and public meetings.
  • A few exhibitions of painting of Ukraine painters were held. Guests of the event also have an opportunity to see arts of children.
  • The university actively functions for improvement of leisure time and student’s creative abilities.
  • A great variety of clubs and societies are placed here, among them there is a studio of art and craft, artistic photo, ensemble of folk song and dance of Ukraine.  
  • Vocal instrumental ensemble student theatre and choreographic studio etc various seminars are conducted by the university on finding social experience forming national self-awareness, humanistic morality, feeling of humanity and mercy dignity and responsibility for health of people.


Sports and Recreational Activities

Students at Kyiv Medical University have the opportunity to attend the Institute pool, gym, to help them in the development of the individual and seasoning physically. There are basketball, football and other sports clubs where students can play for fun or participate in competitions. Student council of Kyiv Medical University organizes various meetings with renowned people, maintaining relationships with youth and students. Organization of Ukraine and regularly organizes cultural events at the University.  Close attention is paid to the Institute of clubs like dancing, singing, painting, poetry, stage, theatre, club cheerful and resourceful for student’s enrichment.  During the academic year numerous tours and events are conducted for students that allow them to learn about history and cultural life of the capital of Ukraine and experience its classical and contemporary art.  Kyiv Medical University also participates in sports day organized by the Kyiv city organization along with athletes from other colleges in Kyiv city.


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Admission Process


There are two admission sessions, the first one is in winter lasts from 15th January to 15th April, the second one is in summer from 1st July to 15th December. The Kyiv Medical University announces admission for major faculties as General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in Ukraine and in English medium. In winter University accepts for General Medicine and Dentistry in English medium only. 

Applying Procedure 

  1. Apply for an invitation letter. 
  2. After receiving an invitation letter from the University, one can apply for a Visa.
  3. After arriving Ukraine submitted all the required documents to the University. 
  4. School certificates, Passport with visa issued, Medical certificate, Invitation letter, Medical Insurances and photographs.
  5. After all the procedures get completed, the applicant is enrolled for the program and becomes a student of the University.

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Kyiv Medical University


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