Kharkiv National Medical University

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Kharkiv International Airport

City & Province

Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Tuition Fees

4,800 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks

University Today

  • It is a member of the International Association of Universities registered under UNESCO.
  • It has 65 departments, whose faculty numbers 803 specialists in science and pedagogy, of them there are 130 Doctors of medical science, professors and 446 candidates of medical science, associate professors.
  • Trains over 7000 students, interns, masters, clinical postgraduates, and more than 2,100 of them being foreign citizens from 70 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, & America.
  • University has 44 clinical departments, where medical work is done by 497 workers of the University and 128 doctors of University clinic, 73 postgraduate, 48 clinical postgraduate, 32 master, 331 medical worker of highest category, 68 with the first, 59 with second.
  • University took part in 126 international scientific forums and 340 Ukrainian scientific forums, co-operates with 18 foreign institutions.
  • University has scientific Library, whose fund comprises over 1 million copies, and 16 computerized classroom, more than 550 modern computer, video and audio aids are used in the process of training.
  • University has its students self-government, six hostel, with the successful work of the Youth Centre, the complex for physical education and health improvement, and “Medic” sport-health camp.
  • University was a recipient of the Gold Medal of the International Exhibition “Education and career - 2010” in the nomination  “Development of Student’s Research”.

Educational Process

The educational process is an intellectual, creative activity in the field of higher education and science, the process at University is carried out in following forms: Study sessions, independent work, practical training, individual assignments, control activities. The principles of academic freedom for all participants are taken into consideration when organizing the educational process at University. The Process is based on the principles of science, humanism, democracy, student-centeredness, continuity and independence from the influence of any political parties, public and religious organization. 



To Create educational and scientific values in the field of health care, to promote health development in accordance with the needs and trends of modern society, socio-economic situation, as well as to ensure that students receive high educational services to acquire relevant competencies in order to ensure that students receive high educational services to acquire relevant competencies in order to ensure their competitiveness in the local and international labor market.



Modern educational and scientific university of international level, which is one of the leaders in training professional and scientific personnel for health care in accordance with the needs of the local and international labor market.


Undergraduate Medical Education

Foreign students are trained in the following specialties: “General Medicine”, the period of study is 6 years. 'Stomatology”, the period of study is 5 years. Language of instruction is Russian, Ukrainian, English. Within the period of studies the students undergo academic training in main medical and dental specialities. They take part in examinations of patients, giving urgent aid, work at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Particular attention is paid to clinical rounds of patients, their management, filling in and arrangement of medical reports with their subsequent analysis. The graduates are awarded a Diploma of Specialist and qualified as Physicians with the title of “Doctor of Medicine '' in General Medicine or Stomatologists with the title of “Doctor of Medicine” in Stomatology.



Accommodation for the foreign students is provided by students hostels rated at 2,422 lodger, For living at hostel, the students must conclude a proper contract. Accommodation is available for the whole period of training. Fees depend upon the size and comfort of the dwelling space. The University Scientific-Practical Medical Centre provides medical care for students. Students regularly undergo medical examinations. The Students have meals at 2 canteens for 160 clients and 6 refreshments bars for 80 clients. Also provided with facilities for sports, the university has 3 gymnasia for games, gymnastics and heavy athletics.



The Scientific Library was founded in 1920 and in the present library changes itself into a modern universal information center, which builds its communication with users through the use of not only traditional but also the newest communication tools. The Scientific Library is the information center of the university which includes departments such as document collection, scientific processing of documents and catalogue, literature, information bibliography work, literature in foreign languages. Especially for English speaking students there is the department of literature in foreign languages where they can register and receive books.


Facilities offered by Sports Complex of Kharkov National Medical University :

Stadium (football, athletics)    Halls for sports games (basketball, volleyball)   Badminton    Table tennis  Tennis   Swimming pool    Gym   Class of chess.  There are classes in more than 30 kinds of sport and forms of physical activity. The presence of such a strong base provides an opportunity for students and employees of the university to show high results in various competitions, to have high-class athletes in various fields.


The sports complex of the Kharkiv National Medical University invites everyone to participate in sports activities. The university sports complex has 6 departments: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics, and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping, gym, and track-and-field athletics arena. There are several sports sections: track-and-field athletics, basketball, tennis, powerlifting, weight – lifting, swimming, mini-football, judo, wrestling,  chess, and others. The stadium is created for physical education, training, competitions and different sports events. From now on, every student and employee can play in these sports halls. The complex has a vast building with stands for spectators for 1000 seats. The complex includes standard grounds for playing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, a ground tennis court, and outdoor sports equipment. All sports grounds are equipped with modern lighting and an acoustic system.


Student Life at KNMU

Main Objective of University is provide better education to their students, Life of Students at KNMU is very smooth and interactive, Students can easily access to all awesome chill spots, Life is not expensive here which is consider to be a great advantage ,University have Friendly Environment, Students get exposure and get chance to meet different cultured people, KNMU Provides opportunities for students to improve their talents.

  • Youth Centre.
  • Intellectual club.
  • Sports.
  • Club and Funny Activity

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