Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

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Nearest Airport

Dinpro International Airport

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Oblast, Ukraine

Tuition Fees

4,212 USD/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


  • Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy (DMA)-Center of Education, Science, and Culture of the highly industrial region of Ukraine, Dnieper.  
  • Dnipropetrovsk was founded on September 15, 1916. Institute acquired the status of State Academy in 1920 and it was confirmed again to DMA in Ukraine in 1994 by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
  • 646 teachers work at the department of Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy among them are 98 Doctors of Medical Science, 359 Candidates of Medical Science, 1 Academician of Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, 1 Corresponding member of National.  
  • Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University is the only in all over Ukraine, providing training to students in all seven faculties and preparatory department for foreign citizens.  
  • The faculties are General Medicine, Pediatric, Management of Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Postgraduate Education, Preparatory faculty foreign citizens.  
  • The Academy trains specialists in all faculties in English, Russian and Ukrainian language.  
  • At present 4500 students are studying in Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy (DMA), among them are 700 students from 36 countries are getting training in different specialties, among them mostly students are from Jordan, Syria, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Palestine, China, Morocco, Lebanon, Kenya, Ghana, and others



There is a sports complex at the department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine and vale ology over the last 30 years. Much has been done to expand and improve sports facilities for students, staff, faculty, and residents. Sports and recreation base of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy has a sports complex for physical education classes, fitness groups, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, fencing, athletics, gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, sambo and judo, and taekwondo. The 25-meter swimming pool and the outdoor sport ground for athletics, soccer and tennis were built in 1972. Over the years, the Academy teams compete successfully in different competitions and win prizes among universities and medical schools of Ukrainian region.

Health Care

A comprehensive health care service is provided to all the students of DMA. The health care of the Academy offers prevention procedures such as eyesight testing and vaccination, health care staff includes doctors of both the sexes. All the students are medically insured, the medical care provided by Academy covers preventive care, treatment, medicaments, operations, and medical examination. The Student Clinical established at the Academy campus, it also includes an outpatient clinic for various medical specialization, the clinics have been provided with modern equipment. The Academy Health Service is free for all Academy students and staff members, offering General Practice together with specialized services for family planning, psychiatric and psychological problems, immunization and travel advice, as well as minor surgery. General Practitioners are available for general and urgent consultations throughout the day, there are also the nurse’s practitioners and administrative staff.

Why to choose DPSMU

  • There are different reasons some of them are given below:
  • Well reputed University of Europe, it has had it’s existence for more than 100 years, University is famous for its graduates who are top medical scientists of Europe.
  • The atmosphere of the University is professional, since decades the medical environment of the University has evolved in such a way now everything has been polished to a certain level.
  • New students are welcomed and they start feeling their responsibilities, as every individual has their own rights and responsibility, the environment of the University makes sure that everyone completes their duties.
  • Teaching staff is highly educated, they have world class medical scientists, doctors, professors and surgeons.
  • They have a continuous circle of visiting professors all over the world. Graduates learn from visiting teachers from all over the world during their 6 years of degree.
  • Every year under certain criteria students are sent to other European and American Universities for a few months and also students come to DMA from different foreign Universities for a few months, this gives a chance of diverse learning and students feel better when they return back to Universities.

About Dnipro

Universities. The city of Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk) or Dnepr is situated on the Dnieper River in East-Central Ukraine and has a population of 1 million (the third city in the country by population), Large and beautiful, it is the main city of East-Central Ukraine, it is a dynamic and lively city. The city is surprisingly green along the wide and slow-moving Dnieper river and has remarkable embankments, long boulevards, and spacious parks. It is also the major center of high-technology industries, education, machine-building, metallurgy, and trade. The city is not only famous for its commercial industry, but also its green hills and deep history. Dnipro has been the major center of the steel industry from the beginning of the 20th century until the present. It has also dominated in the machine building and aero-space-building industry since the 1950s. Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy DMA is one of the oldest higher educational institutions of Ukraine having 4th level of accreditation in Ukraine.


  1. The Academy provides accommodation for students in the hostels, in total DMA has 7 comfortable hostels located in different regions of the city, which are connected by advanced transport structures.  
  2. The hostels have a total area of 45422 sq. m. and can accommodate 2768 students. Foreign students live in the hostel No 1, 5 and 7. The hostel building is of a modern block type and consists of the rooms for 2-3 students with all the necessary conveniences.   
  3. All rooms are well-organized and furnished with a bed, a desk and a chair, provided with cold and hot running water, central heating, Internet access and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation.  
  4. The territory of the hostels is protected and patrolled by officers of guard service. In the hostel, each room is attached to the kitchen suitable for students to cook food on their own taste. 
  5. Students will need to supply their kitchen utensils. Meals and provisions may be bought from various shops and supermarkets. Living in a hostel will combine the convenience of living near an academic building.  
  6. The access to programs and services which help you develop academically, the opportunity to build lasting friendship relations, and comfortable, affordable living.

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Admission Process


  • One needs to send the filled application form, copy of International Passport or ID card (minimum for 2 years), copy of higher secondary school certificate to University, after reviewing the above written documents, you will be notified about acceptance or rejection. If you will be accepted then we shall issue you an Admission Confirmation Letter in one working day.  
  • After getting an invitation letter from Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy, a student should contact the nearest Ukraine Embassy in their country.
  • For a visa one should fill the application to have original passport, secondary school certificate, Medical certificate showing physical and mental fitness, Original Invitation letter from Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy and passport size photos.   
  • After getting a visa from the Embassy or Consulate, students should inform the University about his/her flight details with date and arrival time, and one of the representatives will receive the student at the airport.
  • After arrival in Ukraine, students must submit the complete documents and first year complete charges as written on the admission confirmation letter to the International Department.
  • The staff of the international relations office will complete the admission process and registration process in 3 working days, after that you can start your classes.

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Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy


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