St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy

Nearest Airport

Nearest Airport

Pulkovo Airport

City & Province

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tuition Fees

3,85,000 INR/Year


50% in 12 with PCB, NEET with Qualifying Marks


  • St. Petersburg State Medical University was established on 14 September 1897, and located at Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • This was a medical establishment for women . In Europe it was the first educational institution which was established for providing higher education to women specifically.
  • The departments and clinical laboratories of WMI were extremely efficient in building and implementing the most advanced methods for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. T
  • here are four programs in the University, leading to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) with a specialization in Pediatric, Doctor of Medicine(MD), Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM), and Master in Clinical Psychology degrees.
  • Postgraduate training, providing the opportunity to get a PhD, is also available. The Faculties which is provided by University are as follows: Faculty of Medical Science, Pediatric, Clinical Psychology, Stomatology and Dentistry


Developing responsible eating practices which are healthy and environmentally friendly:  Introducing vegetarian options to the University canteens and cafeterias. Avoiding the use of plastic packaging and disposable utensils. 


Reducing the carbon footprints of the University through planting of greenery in the University areas, preserving Biodiversity, reducing the noise and light pollution from the University.



St. Petersburg also supports the increased use of bicycles as means of transportation by students and employees of the University. Cycling initiatives are a way to reduce the damage to the urban ecosystem, a good way to stay fit, and a means for improving the road traffic situation in the city. Bicycle parking facilities have been installed beside most University buildings, there are 871 bicycle parking spots altogether.


Each year over 5000 students take part in the sports competition at St. Petersburg State University 300 students are members of 19 different teams from University in 15 sports.

15 students of St. Petersburg State University are the members of the Russian National teams. Among University students, there are 3 masters of sports of international class and 15 masters of sports of Russia. University team has 31 candidates for sports, while 72 students have the athletic titles.



International Winter Festival “Arts Square“, Celebrated in December, The festival is the largest platform in St. Petersburg to delve into arts symphony orchestra, theatre, music and opera. Mostly it is performed by the D.D Shostakovich St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia with the Russian Museum , the Church of the Resurrection, and Theatre of Musical Comedy. Happy New Year is traditionally a family celebration. It is time to give and get presents, to wish for sound health and well being, to have Bengal lights and fireworks. The traditional meal  consists of the salad Olivie, salad “Dressing herring“ meat in jelly, potatoes and others. The drink associated with the Happy New Year  is Champagne. Student Day or Tatiana Day and the day of the Russian students is a time for friends and students to gather to celebrate the end of the winter exam session as January 25 is traditionally the end of the study and beginning of the holiday season. Chinese New Year, January – February. Maslenitsa  festival , February-March (a week in the ecclesiastical calendar)



Festival of Light, April and November, The festival of light is a spectrum of astounding lights, music and optical illusions and transforms the historic monuments of St. Petersburg into phenomenal performance. Victory Day May 9, Victory day is a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. The event traditionally features military parades, wreath-laying ceremonies at the tombs of the unknown soldiers, fireworks, and concerts. Night of Museums, May, Many of the museums, galleries, libraries, and exhibition halls in St. Petersburg stays open all night and offers unique programmes to those who stay up late, one day exhibitions, original excursion, workshop, historical reconstruction and concerts. City Day, May 27, is a day when Peter the Great lays the foundations of a new fortress that would then go on to become the city of St. Petersburg. The city holds gatherings , excursions , performances and fireworks at the Peter and Paul’s Fortress. White Night Stars / May July.



Night of Music in Gatchina, Celebrated in June. Singing bridges is from June to September. Scarlet Sails is in June, the name of the festival refers to Aleksandr Gin’s book Scariest Sails, which is a romantic novel about our dreams and faith in miracles. The festival ends up with the quintessential scene: Scarlet Sails is the only festival in Russia included in the world’s tourist attraction lists and is among the best destinations in 20 countries in Europe. The International festival “Opera for All” is in July. Freshers’ Day at St. Petersburg Ships of Hope, August 31.


Fresher’s Day, September, The festival of the first years students is held in the second half of or end of September when the University life is in full swing and the students have already acquired a taste of new life, the festival features competitions and prizes, vibrant concerts with the Russian stars, and many surprises. Festival of Light, April and November. The International Cultural Forum is celebrated in November and December. International Art Festival “Diaghilev P.S “, November-December, It is one of the largest cultural events in the honour of outstanding artist Sergei Diagilev who graduated St. Petersburg University. The festival features world’s best ballet and theatrical groups and artists, exhibitions and cinema.




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